Below you will find some information regarding the season:

NEW PLAYERS:  If your child is new to the program, mark “NEW”.  Children new to the program must bring to registration a copy of their birth certificate to remain in our files.

COST:  The cost to participate in our program is $40 per player.  This fee is non-refundable.  There is a family maximum of $85 for those with three or more players.  Please make checks payable to MBSA.

T-BALL: Five and six year old children must play at least one year of T-ball.  Its purpose is to teach this age group the proper fundamentals, with coaches focusing on their needs in an intramural setting and with modified game rules.  Practices and games will be on Saturday morning, with one practice during the week.  Children at this level should expect a call from a coach in early May.

5 PITCH:  5 Pitch is a co-ed program for children ages seven and eight.  While the focus still is primarily on the basics, players are introduced to the rules of the game.  Coaches will pitch to the hitters and the team will learn to make basic plays.  Practices and games will be on Saturday morning, with one practice during the week.  Children at this level should expect a call from a coach in early May.

MAJOR/MINOR LEAGUE:  Older players will be assigned to teams after registration and tryouts.  All 9 year old players will be placed on a Minor League team. Those assigned to a Major League team last year will remain on a Major League team.  Players who do not make the draft for the Major League will play in the Minor League program.  Games are on Mondays and Wednesdays for Minor League and Tuesdays and Thursdays for Major League.  Everyone plays in the games – however, the playing time may vary from player to player.  Practices are also held during the week.   Please be aware: A four day per week commitment is common for both Minor and Major League play.

Also, MAJOR/MINOR LEAGUE parents should be aware that a Field Maintenance Day will be scheduled before the start of the season (tentatively April 24).  There is much work to be done to get our fields ready for play, and it is expected that parents help out on this day.  With more helpers it goes quicker!  New this year: any donated cleats or mitts will be available on this day.

BABE RUTH:  Babe Ruth softball will be offered to girls 13-15 and Babe Ruth baseball is offered for 13-15 year old boys.  Players will be assigned to a Babe Ruth team following evaluations – that date will be announced later.

INSURANCE:  The Little League/Babe Ruth organization provides insurance at a cost to our association.   This insurance is valid only during approved Morrisville Baseball/Softball Association practices and/or games on designated insured fields only.

VOLUNTEERS: This program is a tremendous undertaking, completely made up by volunteers:  the Board, the coaches, the umpires.  We have a constant need for helpers, particularly in the roles of umpire, scorekeeper, and pitch-counters.  We ask for your willingness to contribute some volunteer hours in one or more of these roles when asked.  Also, please consider joining the Board and help grow our program!

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